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  • The Chairing in Practice Programme 2021
  • The Alumni Chairing Programme

The Chairing in Practice Programme 2021

In 2021 we emerge into a world in which many recent trends have hugely accelerated. Chairs are much taken up in considering the impact of these changes on the role of the board, its agendas and what structures will be best for their boards in order to meet this increased degree of complexity.

Our guiding principle is that it is the role of the Chair to create the atmosphere in which value can be created for stakeholders and society at large. Over the course of the series, we will unpick each element of that sentence-

  • How is that atmosphere created?
  • What does ‘value’ mean now?
  • How does one structure the board to deliver to that agenda and
  • How does one manage the new quality of 360* stakeholder engagement?


This year (post-Covid) we will meet in person over breakfast and dinner and occasionally via Zoom. We will commence on 27th September and complete in the week commencing 6th December 2021.

The group will be made up of fellow newly appointed Chairs and senior board members who are considering taking the role in future.  We use the lens of the various relationships through which the Chair leads to determine the topics.  Each of the 12 sessions centres on one such, with usually two experienced Chairs of differing backgrounds and approaches opening the session with reflections from their experience.

Topics include: boardroom skills, the lifecycle of the Chair’s relationship with the CEO, with other members of the Executive Committee, with Non-Executive board members and Committee Chairs in particular – Remuneration, Audit and Risk, and whatever configuration of Committees a Chair may have inherited or put in place to address all aspects of the ESG agenda and Cybersecurity, as well as the Chair’s relationships with Customers, Investors, Government and Regulators. 
The tone is kept wholly conversational while the Chatham House rule applies absolutely. Breakfasts are held at a central London location and timed 07.45-09.15.  Dinner sessions commence at 18.30, drawing to a close at 21.00

For further information, please contact Kate Donaghy on or 07767 686098.

The Alumni Chairing Programme

The first years of Chairing bring issues of their own. The issues undoubtedly change in their nature with time, but there is strength in having a peer group with whom to share.

The group is open to Alumni in their first chairing role. Members join a session each month, meeting with c6-7others over breakfast or dinner, and when so elected, via zoom.  The agenda and format is driven by Members with our inviting guest Chairs to join on occasions. 

We continue to support members on an on-going 1:1 basis, acting as sounding boards and connecting  members and faculty when helpful. 

  • Click here to view the Alumni Chairing Group 2021.


To talk to us about joining the series, call Kate Donaghy or Jo Dixon on 020 7129 1133 or email
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