Board Advisory Paternship

The Board Advisory Partnership brings together Kate Donaghy’s work as an Advisor to Chairmen and board members with her role as Director of the series ‘Chairing in Practice’. 

Thought leadership

A key part of Kate’s work over the last period has been drawing Chairmen together to discuss
current practice.  To view the research papers which have come out of these
discussions, please click here.

Chairing in Practice

This is a forum that operates in two ways. The first is as a structured series of conversations over the course of the year enabling participants to engage with a broad span of seasoned practitioners about the practical workings of Chairmanship. The other context in which it exists is as a growing community of the like-minded - those interested in continually raising the bar of their boards’ performance.

If you are interested in joining the series, please contact us today.

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To talk to us about joining the series, call Kate Donaghy or Jo Dixon on 020 7129 1133 or email
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