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Two ideas run through all of our work - that our role is to cross fertilise Chairmen and womens’ insights into the challenges and techniques of effective chairing, and that it is the role of the Chair to create the atmosphere in which value can be created for all stakeholders and society at large. After 10 years of this work, we now operate within an astonishing eco-system of new and experienced Chairs all united in the desire to work with others to promote the value that Chairs and their Boards can contribute to each other and through them, the widest group of their stakeholders.

Chairing in Practice

For incoming Chairs, we run the annual Chairing in Practice programme in which a small group of those approaching or having taken their first Chairing role spend time in conversation with a broad faculty of experienced Chairs and Board members. (See Chairing in Practice and Faculty)

There is no book from which one can learn to chair a board well, but there are other people from whose experience one can learn and frameworks one can adapt.  The Chairing role has been changing continuously for 20+ years but the acceleration and the scope of change which has become apparent in the last 2-3 years is remarkable. Driven largely by the compounded effects of technology development, Covid and socio- and geo-politics, this rate of change is not going to stop anytime soon.


Where first-time Chairs, or other Directors appreciate 1:1 input, be it the insight of one experienced Chair, or that of several people as the situation suggests, our role is to identify the right skills and style of individuals to suggest they meet. (See Mentoring)


January 2023

Chairing in Practice 2022-23
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